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I thought that I had seen a lot of movies this year, and maybe I have but most of them were not the movies that got a lot of attention at last night’s Academy Awards. I saw Enchanted with my daughter and granddaughter. It is a funny and romantic film that I predict will become a beloved classic for the whole family. I saw Michael Clayton, which was well-acted with a good plot. The Bourne Ultimatum was a satisfying film in the Bourne series, though that movie was pushing the envelope for me. I’m not a fan of chase scenes, crashes, blood or horror, so I ruled out many of the “winners” from the beginning. Though I like Johnny Depp as an actor, there is no way I would pay money to see Sweeney Todd, nor will I watch it when it is eventually on television. Even though several of the movies this year were adaptations of books, such as No Country for Old Men and The Golden Compass, I wasn’t really drawn to them for one reason or another. My taste in movies leans toward romantic comedy, drama, and documentaries. My taste for popcorn leans toward half the butter with a tiny bit of salt.

What were your favorite non-Oscar nominated movies this year. Reply to this blog and tell me what you liked and why.

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  1. I made movie comments in the book section. Oops. I liked “Enchanted” and I plan on seeing the “Spiderwick Chronicles”. I usually choose movies that look better on the big screen than TV. A good movie filmed on location is “7 Years in Tibet” with Brad Pitt. Good acting and spectacular scenery. A good western in “Conager”. TTFN

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