How many books slipped through my fingers today? Who can count them! For, as the writer of Ecclesiastes said, “Of making many books there is no end.” Surely this is true in our time as over 400,000 new books are published every year!

The first time I “touch” a book is usually when I read the review, hear about it from a customer, find it because of an interest that I have or see it in the media. The next time is when I type the book information into a purchase order and send it off to the distributors and/or publishers. I do this every weekday, ordering well over a hundred books a day. Early the next day, many of those books arrive at our counter and I often stop and pick them up. I look through them longingly, peruse a paragraph, admire their covers, read the jackets and sigh. The sighing is because I’ll never live long enough to read all the books I’d like to read.
The books then are shelved for awhile but soon they slide through my fingers one last time as I scan the barcode when a happy customer is purchasing them and pop them in a bag.
The excitement of unpacking a box of books has never grown tedious for me. There are some books that I will only see once, but other favorites will come back over and over, like old friends. Truly, every day is like Christmas morning. What a great business this is that allows me to fill my hands and heart with books!
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  1. I loved Enchanted and agree it will be a classic. Another fantasy film that I really liked was Stardust. Great characters and just plan fun. The Bourne was very entertaining. It was well produced and the action scenes were great. A good movie for St. Patrick’s day is the Qiuet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara directed by John Ford. The first movie filmed in Ireland.

  2. A great book series I just got into is the Maximum Ride series. It concerns the adventures of 6 genetically modified kids who were turned into bird people with great strength. It was meant for teens, but I found it hard to put down. The chapters were very short, so it is easier to stop and get back to if you don’t have a lot of time to read. It is by John Patterson and is very entertaining.

  3. Thanks for the tips on the movies Quiet Man and Stardust – I will put them on my “to see” list. As for Enchanted, every time I see dishes waiting to be washed in my sink, I wish for the forest creatures to flock in to help. 🙂I’ve been seeing a lot of the Maximum Ride books go out of the store with happy customers. I really appreciate your recommendation – I can think of some book friends who would love to be introduced to a series like this. Thanks for your comments. It can be lonely in Blogsville.

  4. A great series of films is the “Thin Man” series. The first 5 are great, but “Song of the Thin Man” is just ordinary. One of the great SciFi movies is “Forbidden Planet” with some great ground-breaking effects for the 1950’s. One of the great over-looked Bogart movies is “All Through the Night”. A Runyanesque tale of Nazi’s and Bogart. TTFN

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