When I think of the word spring” it looks green in my mind. When I listen to Handel’s Four Seasons – Spring, I hear babbling brooks and chirping birds, too. I am amazed at the power of spring to push hope up through the last layer of winter. I even plucked the first dandelion of the season last weekend, though I was truly shocked to see it’s little yellow head on it’s short neck so early in March. I wish it was truly as sweet and innocent as it looks, but I know its relatives are gathering…
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and I can’t wait for the children to parade into the sanctuary with their palm leaves or, rather, construction paper replicas of palm leaves. We may live in the Palm Springs of Washington, but their foliage is sparse.

I’m baking a belated birthday pumpkin pie for my son-in-law-to-be, Patrik, and smoke is curling around the edges of the oven door – a little fire – a little smoke. I forgot that my last pie boiled over. Oh, and did you know that yesterday was Pi Day? Yup – 3 /14.

Speaking of Patrik, an airline first officer, he is starting to gather book titles for me – watching what people read as they travel. I find it really interesting! Last week, on a flight from Seattle to Edmonton, a woman got off the plane with a copy of Never End, a mystery by Ake Edwardson. Someday, if we observe long enough, perhaps a pattern will emerge.
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  1. Loved your pie! I can sense spring coming too, and I can’t wait for it, except for the dandylions of course! Loving your blog and hope you’re doing well!Chelsie

  2. Nice to hear from you again, Chelsie – thanks for reading. I borrowed the pi picture from a newsletter I get – I thought it was fun, too.

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