Blogging Irregularity

It occurred to me that folks may interpret my silence in several ways. I could be very busy. I might be suffering from writer’s block. I might be depressed. My computer could be broken or the Internet down. I’ll let you guess. I hope no one has been frustrated by the stale content here in my blog. I have several blogs that I like to read, but it frustrates me to visit their site and find nothing new, so here I am to catch up a bit.

Ok, I’ll admit to a bit of depression. Sophie, our granddaughter, moved to the Chicago area last week. Her absence is sorely felt by me and many others who have been delighted to watch her grow these first five years. I looked in the toy cupboard yesterday and was overwhelmed with missing her because there were her dollhouse, her puzzles, her favorite books. I know we’ve been blessed to have her near up to this point but I am very sad today. I am open to suggestions on how to be a good long-distance grandparent.
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  1. Hi,I’ve read quite a bit of your blogs, but never have commented. My heart strings were pulled when I read this one though. Have you thought about starting another blog just for Sophie and her family and/or any other long distance family members and make it personal and not open to the public? You could post little things for her to read or have her parents read and make it fun to correspond that way. I have blogged now myself for about 2 years. A began when I started dating my now husband and we lived 70 miles away from each other. We both blogged and it was a way of interacting with each other on a different level other than the phone. Just a thought, it might be fun!Sophie is adorable! 🙂

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