Movie Review — Leatherheads

We went to see Leatherheads tonight and had a popcorn supper. This is a LOL movie – perfect for the end of a long week. This one will remind you of “Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?”. If George Clooney isn’t careful, he’ll be typecast as a Likeable Scoundral. Clooney plays an aging football player in the mid -1920’s. Trying to keep the sport alive during a time when professional football teams were disappearing, he holds his team together by his charm and wit. When a young fellow, played by John Krasinski, is lured away from his college team in his junior year to save Clooney’s faltering team, the trouble begins. Krasinski, a war hero, creates a following both by his patriotism and his incredible skills on the field, taking the troubled team to sudden fame. Enter Renee Zellweger, the young reporter who is looking for a promotion to assistant editor at a Chicago newspaper and who is tasked to get that Big Story by ruining the reputation of the young hero. Of course, this task gets a bit complicated when she finds herself drawn to both Krasinski and Clooney. This romantic comedy is a lot of fun. I give it a five out of five rating because it made me laugh, was not entirely predictable and kept my attention even though I’m really not a football fan!

Hey, I figured out how to make items in the blog clickable, so if you click on the title above you should be taken to a review site where you can read more about the flick.

On the home front, I watched an osprey swoop down and nab a frog this evening! So very cool! I was hoping to paint the fence tomorrow, but since it is predicted to be cold and blustery, well, oh drat, I’ll just need to read a book or two. Halfway through Siddhartha which I really don’t like much and just started our book groups new pick, In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham. Stand by for a couple of book reviews soon.

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