What’s on your desk today?

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?

– Laurence J. Peter

When I saw this quote, I looked at my own desk. I remember once hearing someone speak about the fact that the appearance of your purse is an indication of your spiritual life – neat and tidy or chronically chaotic. I don’t agree at all. Could it not be that the appearance of your purse, car, desk is only an indication that the “owner” of those places is busy with things that are far more important than lining up your staples and post-it notes. I saw a magnet that said “A clean house is a sign of a dull woman”. That statement is equally wrong in another way. I do not wish to judge other’s on the basis of the organization or lack thereof of their possessions and I sure don’t want people to judge me on that basis!

Here are two pictures of our office at the store. The first is my desk taken earlier today. The other is our manager’s desk, taken with his permission.

Notice the little cubby underneath my desktop, full and messy. If I can’t see something, it just doesn’t exist. So, the important things need to be visible. The vegetable hospice or bin in my refrigerator often contains unrecognizable items. I have lovely, flowered files at home which hide bills that need to be paid. If the brown shoes in my closet are pushed back too far, I don’t have any brown shoes and I go and buy some new ones. So, there, you have my reasons or excuses for what may appear to be sloth. Send me a picture of your favorite horizontal surface, whether desk, countertop, car interior or drawer. Whether it is shipshape or slovenly, we promise not to judge.

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