Unchain Yourself

Time to spare? Go by air. Sitting at LAX. Waiting. You never know how long it will take to get anywhere in LA traffic, so I came a bit early and still have a couple of hours before I board. I am , however, calmer for it.

Yesterday, at breakfast (ok, the word breakfast is a stretch for describing a rubbery bagel and watered- down juice). John Hodgman was the emcee for the morning. John’s new book is titled More Information Than You Require. He introduced Ted Turner, Call Me Ted; Azar Nafisi, Things I’ve Been Silent About and Dennis Lehane, The Given Day. Dennis wrote Mystic River, the hit book that became a movie.
After breakfast I determined to finish navigating the huge trade floor and I made it a few blisters later. I found some new books, placed a few orders and hobbled back to my room when the trade floor closed at 4 p.m.

The Bookseller’s Advisory Council met yesterday from 3 to 8 p.m. and again this morning from 9 to noon. It is such a privilege to be a part of this group of booksellers who, collectively, have been in business for hundreds of years! I have learned so much and I look forward to meeting with them three more times before my term ends. I am so much the rookie in the group, but they have included me graciously. We talked of many things that challenge me to think – all topics that were designed to further the mission of the local, independent store. We are trying to transform our communities to “think local” first and to educate our customers on the benefit to them and our community when they determine to be “Indiebound”! We all must sometimes shop at the big box stores, but we must also realize that unless we support the local independent merchants of all types, from bookstores to hardware stores. we will become a boring and homogeneous culture where we can shop blindfolded because we know the location and layout of every chain in every community. It is the independent stores that gives a culturally unique flavor to our neighborhoods. IndieBound is a program designed to help remind us to think locally. The program is designed to help not only the booksellers, but every independent. If you find that this message resonates with you, please consider visiting indiebound.org and reading and signing the Declaration of Independents. We are trying to heighten awareness and get as many signers as possible.

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