The Elf on the Shelf

I won! Out of a zillion other people at BookExpo in Los Angeles, I won! Ok, not quite a zillion, but over 25,000! I won an all-expense paid trip to the North Pole for four people! Really. Not just the North Pole, but Santa’s Workshop! Ok, not the one in the far north, but instead to Santa’s Headquarters EAST in the Adirondacks – North Pole, New York. If you click on the the title above, you can see the website for Santa’s Workshop.
At BookExpo, from time to time, we’d see a cute elf zipping around in his little red suit. I found the booth where the elf “lived” and found that the product they were selling was the cutest thing – a sweet book and elf doll. I ordered some for the store and signed up for the drawing. Everyone who buys an elf and book will be able to go online, name and register their new little friend.
I grew up on a mountain pass where the snow was always deep and the winters long. In December, my Mom would decorate the mantel above the fireplace with green and red elves. I loved those little elves! When I married, my Mom gave me one. They are very 50’s! Their hands were hooked together, so you could tuck their knees up under their chins and their joined hands would hug their knees. Their faces were like pixies and they just made you smile. When I had kids, we started hiding the elf every December evening. In the morning, the child who found him, would receive a candy cane. I remember one year, we awoke to the smell of something smoldering. We looked high and low before finally spotting the smoking elf. His felt arms, so handy for hanging him aloft under the dining room light, were ready to flame! After that sad episode, his hands hand to be amputated and Grandma Naoma replaced his hands with little pom-poms. Kind of pitiful. So, as you can see the whole thing struck a nostalgic chord with me. I hope that we get to take Sophia, our granddaughter, who now lives in Chicago. She turns six in December. What a memory we would make.
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