Reviewing The Shack

Bloggging from Vernon, BC , aye? I am at Fairhaven Ministries, a retreat center for Christian leaders. My friend, Linda, invited me to accompany her on her retreat this week. What a blessing. We’ve laughed, hiked, read, painted, eaten and slept. I am feeling rested. It is so wonderful to go to bed when you tired and get up when you are not. The June wildflowers include Indian Paintbrush, Trillium, and Wild Lupine. Linda saw a six point buck yesterday. I’ve taken my camera on every walk to capture some of the peace and beauty of this place. I’ll blog some of those pictures next week.

We have sold many copies of The Shack at the store in just the past few months. I brought it with me to read so that I could enter into discussions with others who have read it. Interestingly, my friend read it on the plane and the author was here at the retreat center a week ago. Publisher’s Weekly had a link to this week’s New York Times article about the book and author. That article mentions Yakima. I’ve attached it here. This book is a word-of-mouth wonder. The marketing budget for this book, that William P. Young wrote for his children, was around $300. Some love the book. Some hate it. Some think it is good theology. Others think it is heresy.

I really liked it. It did stretch my thinking and challenge my preconceptions, but that could be good, right? The Shack is a metaphor for a place of great pain. The author has used unusual imagery to remind us that God is with us in the pain and does not somehow abandon us and let bad things happen to us for no reason. I will be thinking about this book for a long time.

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