Where have I been?

On the way home from Friday Harbor, over the 4th of July weekend, we stopped at the Wooden Boat Festival on Lake Union. We parked in a small parking lot manned by the Wooden Boat Society and enjoyed a couple of hours of perfect summer Seattle. Gorgeous old boats, many we could board, lined the marina. Happy live music made a relaxed, enjoyable experience. The joy screeched to a stop, however when we wandered back to the car. A window was smashed out and my computer was gone. We had other luggage from our weekend away, but the computer was the only thing they could pull through the small side window of our Volvo wagon.

We headed home with wind whipping in the broken window. Jim drove and I called our banks and credit card companies, wracking my brain about what kind of files on the computer could be used to gain access to personal and business information. Once we were home, I changed account passwords and cancelled services and went to bed exhausted, but relatively sure that I had taken care of the vital accounts. So far, we have had no sign that anyone has tried to gain access to anything they shouldn’t, but the last few weeks have been spent trying to retrieve appointment information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other documents that were in process. I had backed up a week before, but I’m still without many things I need.

Our insurance deductible was higher than the replacement cost of the computer, so the only thing really covered was the replacement of the window. But now, my new computer has arrived and I am getting back up to speed. If you were in conversation with me via email and you’ve not heard from me lately, please resend your information to me at sue@inklingsbookshop.com or snoqualmie53@gmail.com so I can put you back in the system. Thankfully, the store newsletter addresses were stored elsewhere, but please take a minute to send an email to me with any information you’d like me to have, including phone numbers and addresses.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Kathie, and I visited the Wildhorse Windfarm near Ellensburg as guests of Northwest Public Radio. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a tour of the windfarm. We were even able to don hardhats and go inside one of the huge towers. The massive size of these graceful energy machines is hard to fathom. The visitor center is open 7 days a week and it is fascinating to hear how the wind and sun are being harnessed on these windy hills to provide power for thousands of homes. Check out their website http://www.horizonwind.com/projects/whatwevedone/wildhorse.aspx or better yet, go see for yourself.

The wedding plans are coming along with a limited amount of fluctuating panic. The good thing is that we seldom all panic at the same time. It is a lot of fun to work together towards such a happy occasion, making lifetime memories. Ah, young love!
I sign off tonight with a link to a website that we are enjoying immensely. www.pandora.com is a music site where you can design your own music station. You are able to choose three artists you enjoy to make three separate “stations”. They will then play music by those artists as well as by other artists who have a similar style. My three stations right now (and you can change them) are Emmy Lou Harris, Bruce Cockburn and Rich Mullins. You are able to rate the songs you hear and take off ones you don’t care for. You are not able to download from this site, but my hope is that you will find what you like and then visit your local independent music store to purchase the album.
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He who goes forth with a fifth on the Fourth, may not come forth on the fifth!

Happy 5th of July from Friday Harbor, WA in the San Juan Islands. We planned to fly over, but since the weather was iffy, we drove over yesterday. It is surprisingly uncrowded here. We enjoyed gorgeous fireworks over the harbor last night and today we wandered through downtown, checking out the bookstores, gift shops and souvenier shops. I’m always amazed at the number of stores carrying and selling souvenier t-shirts. I bought a book. That is all. I know that is dumb since I can go home and buy it wholesale, but the proprietor of a small independent bookshop here was so helpful that I just wanted to add my little sale to his day. I bought a book of poetry, Women in Praise of the Sacred, edited by Jane Hirschfield. Watch for a review in the next few weeks.
We drove up to Roche Harbor where people were enjoying time on the water, eating ice cream and browsing local artist’s kiosks. Discovered over 200 years ago by Captian de Haro, Roche Harbor became the location for a lime kiln to make bricks and cement in the mid-1800’s when John S. McMillin, a Tacoma lawyer discovered the largest lime deposit in the Northwest there. At it’s peak, 800 people lived in this company town. What a great place to spend a lazy July day, looking at the old church, at all the boats in their slips and visiting the historic buildings.
Tomorrow, we’ll drive on to the ferry, head east and spend the afternoon in Ballard at the Wooden Boat Festival and then drive home. The phrase above is my dad’s little reminder to watch out for drinking drivers on Independence Day weekend. Drive carefully, ok?
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Get Smart Movie Review

We went to the movies the other night to see how the new Get Smart compared with the old. It was an admirable effort. Bumbling Maxwell Smart, played by Steve Carrell, is an endearing combination of smart/dumb. There are a lot of explosions and action from which he escapes relatively unscathed. Anne Hathaway is the pretty Agent 99 and provides the right touch of sweet friendship/romance that balances the rest of the film. Fun movie, but you could wait for the video. 3 out of 5.

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