Pacific Northwest Booksellers, Portland, Fall, 2008

Last week I attended the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Tradeshow in Portland. I look forward to this event every year because I meet great authors, learn a lot of from fellow booksellers across the northwest and come home with a PILE of new books. This year I volunteered some time to help and was given the “job” of assisting an author. I was assigned to Ivan Doig, one of my favorite authors! Ivan has won more PNBA awards than any other author!
My task, which was all delight and no work at all, was to assist him as he signed several hundred copies of his new book, The Eleventh Man. Later that evening, during the Author Feast, he and about 20 other authors moved from table to table, telling eager booksellers about their new books. Mr. Doig is a very nice gentleman and I was privileged to spend a bit of time with him. He is working on a sequel to Whistling Season, which is my favorite of his books. I am about halfway through The Eleventh Man, a thoughtful story of a champioship team of Montana football players, their dispersion to dangerous place during World War II and the one teammate – a reluctant journalist – who tells their story.

Last Sunday, Jim and I drove up to Mt. Rainier. We have an almost physical yearning to spend some time in the mountains every so often. It comes from being raised in the Cascades, smelling the noble firs, picking blackberries, and listening to the streams. Because last winter was so severe and our spring a little late so the wildflowers are still in full glory. Only the tips of the maples are starting their glorious color dance from green to yellow to orange and eventually to the ground. The day was clear and warm and my soul was fed as we drove through the trees and hiked a little bit.

One last picture to make you smile. This is our daughter, Piper. What more can I say?

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September Days

Greetings. September mornings are wonderful, aren’t they? The sunlight is different, the mornings are cool, the flowers are getting ready for their last hurrah. I really like September. I loved school and I still get that excited, anticipatory feeling and near compulsion to run and buy pencils, 3-ring binders, new crayons (remember how they smell?) and new shoes. I took this picture last week in Alaska. We went up to attend the wedding of one of our special nephews. During rehearsal for the wedding that took place in the woods, I was fascinated by these little gems. Aren’t they neat?
I would like to have many more of what my brother-in-law, Harry, calls “Annie Dillard Moments” this fall. It is so easy to miss the great show that creation puts on as the seasons change. I plan to keep my eyes open for some more great autumn moments as the geese get ready to fly and the leaves get ready to fall.
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