No Buyer’s Remorse – iphones and indiebound

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I am captivated by advertising that pushes me to purchase an item I think I need. Sometimes, I don’t need it after all. I have a variety of these items in my home. I thought I needed a deep fat fryer once. I’ve probably used it exactly that – once! I have various exercise items that look, indeed are, still new. This weakness of mine extends even to my pantry and I am the proud stocker of Cambell’s Soup in a Cup and Joint Juice (this one was my hubby’s find). I have socks of every color and kind and I won’t even start on the office supplies, both pens and paper. So I sometimes experience Buyer’s Remorse. I should have waited and not made an impulsive purchase, but I was driven by some unseen force.

The best thing I’ve purchased this year for which I’ve had not one moment of Buyer’s Remorse is my iphone. One reason I have no remorse is probably because I had to think it through long and hard to justify the expense as well as wait until my former phone plan was up, so it was hardly an impulse buy. But, the other reasons that I love it and don’t regret it’s addition to my belongings is that is the most handy little gadget I’ve ever had and though it can do nearly everything but mow the lawn, it is very, very simple to operate. That is important to me. I no longer have to lug my computer home or on trips because I am able to send and receive email on it. I can search the internet. I can listen to music, take pictures, check the weather, find directions, use the caluculater, track my calories, look up words, watch YouTube, check movie times, check Wikipedia, use the Pedometer, listen to the radio, check the pass report, manage my calendar, keep track of my reading/reviews, manage my budget, check movie times, find a recipe, manage my NetFlix account, text messages, pay bills, read my Bible and, oh, make phone calls! It is truly like having a personal assistant!

And now. A little drum roll, please. At the touch of a finger, I am now able to use my iphone to find the independent bookseller’s best seller lists, store locations and search for any book with an application called Indiebound. I can even find other independently-owned businesses such as arts and craft stores, bike shops, clothing stores, coffee shops, florists, gift shops and many other – all independently-owned! I’m convinced that the health of our communities depend upon having a variety of small, independent businesses that add color and flavor to our otherwise homogenous American landscape. The American Booksellers Association has been in the forefront of making tools available to help not only booksellers, but all independent business, thrive in this tough economy. Every day, new businesses are added to this incredible community of locals called Indiebound. If you have an iphone, just look for the application called Indiebound and the download is free. If you would like to find the same information easily on your computer, just look up . I seldom have buyers remorse about books, either. I order at least 100 books a day and I love most of them. Now, some of my favorite things can be combined – my iphone, books, and other small businesses. What a country!
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  1. I’m very proud of my techie friend!

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