RENOVARE – Journey – Conferences and Events

RENOVARE – Journey – Conferences and Events
Yes, I did return from the land of the hot and humid, San Antonio! I had a great time, though I’m still digesting what I learned. I thought those of you who are interested might want to click the link above and see what I was up to. My friends, Nancy from Minneapolis and Linda, from S. California, taught me as much as I learned in the formal workshops and sessions. What great gals. They shared their tiny room with me, waited while I shuffled along each day on the way to the Municipal Auditorium where the sessions were held (my feet are still not well) and worked alongside me as we helped sell CDs and DVDs to conference participants. We discovered some great places to eat along the beautiful riverwalk, too, including a Caesar salad I’ll never forget. Yum! I hope and pray that the taste of the conference will stay in my memory, too!

I’ve been catching up with Jim after we have traveled a lot this month, never together. He just returned from a Fly-In in the Idaho wilderness where he helped roast a pig and enjoyed chatting and competing (!) with 118 other Super Cub drivers, possibly a record-setting number of planes for the Johnson Creek strip.

It’s good to be home.

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It’s O Dark Thirty. 4:00. That is A.M. Four hours sleep. I’m throwing the last minute things in the suitcase like my hot curling iron, vitamins, and of course, books. I’m on my way to the Renovare Conference in San Antonio. The theme this year is based on Eugene Peterson’s book, The Jesus Way, which is one is the books in my carry on. I also have my book club’s July selection – My Sister’s Keeper, my journal, an old O magazine and a Bible. Notice I said “a” Bible. My old favorite NIV study Bible is just too heavy to tote cross country, so I’m taking a tiny Bible with even tinier print.
Just found out that the Seattle to Phoenix leg of my flight us delayed two hours so I’ll undoubtedly have time to read any or all of the above as well as indulge in one of my favorite pasttimes-observing what others are reading and occasionally striking up a conversation to get an oral mini-review from them.

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Reading is Ducky!

New York is over and I am back where I belong. On the pond. It is, however, not as dull as you would think. I’ve hit the ground running at work, so when I come home I’m always hoping to get my word fix – trying to get my ducks in a row so I can read. Summer is good for that. The deck is sunny in the morning – a good place to sip my coffee and read something devotional. Then in the evening, after a simple meal on the BBQ, I like to sit a spell, do a crossword or two, read the paper, a chapter of something. Right now, I’m eager to begin The Jesus Way, by Eugene Peterson. On June 19th, I head to San Antonio to the Renovare Jesus Way Conference where I look forward to hearing Eugene speak as well as John Ortberg, Dallas Willard and Richard Foster. I’ll be volunteering there, helping with taping sessions. and whatever else they need help with – a kind of Girl Friday, I guess, but I’ll also get to attend the sessions. I’ll also get to meet up with a very good friend from California who is also attending. Happy clapping!

Even here, on the peaceful pond, tt’s hard to read with so much activity going on around me. Kingfishers are swooping down to feast on little fish. The hummingbird is relentlessly sucking down the nectar in the feeders and my favorite new visitors are some big barn owls that spend the evenings squawking a very grating call as they glide from tree to tree. They are truly awesome and I spent a long time outside last night at dusk with the binoculars, getting bitten by bugs, but mesmerized by their behavior. I could see their concave faces turned toward me and their eyes reflecting the last rays of sunset. I did not take this photo – I found it on Google Images, but I hope someday to get close enough to get a clear picture. Tomorrow I hope to find some pellets and see if I have the intestinal fortitude to examine their contents for little micey feet and ribs.
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New York is where I’d raaatha be (except the subway)

Well, I have a thing or two to learn about putting this many pictures and text together. First of all, they have all appeared here in reverse order from how I chose them, but hopefully I won’t confuse you to much. This shot is of Central Park, a truly lovely oasis in the city. This is as close as we got to Lady Liberty. I would love to go back sometime and spend some time in this genesis of so many of our citizen’s stories.
Libby was such a great companion! This lovely spot is just a few blocks from our hotel in Brooklyn and from the little bakery I’ll never forget. OOOh, those chocolate macaroons!

Though I really didn’t like the subway, which I think I might have mentioned a few dozen times before, it was so interesting to watch the regular riders lose themselves in a book during the ride. This gentleman was carrying a book that was obviously not pocket-sized and pouring over what looked like a very old book of poetry.

This is Libby reveling in the nightlife in Times Square. The sign above her head is no reflection on her character.

On our bus tour we passed many places of note, including Bloomingdales, the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, Wall Street, Carnegie Hall, the United Nations and the Staten Island Ferry.

The Empire State Building had no sign of King Kong. It is still an impressive sight although now it is dwarfed by many of the cities taller buildings.

Here we are like Ginger and Mary Ann on a “three-hour tour” on top of a double-decker bus in perfect weather seeing the wonderful sights of New York City from Times Square to Soho, Greenwich Village, Central Park and so much more. Our tour guide was well-versed in the types of architecture and the history of each neighborhood we passed. We passed Ground Zero, a sobering site of new construction, considering the scene of horror that had happened there a few years ago.

The billboards and neon of Times Square are amazing. They are experimenting this summer with closing off the street at 42nd and Broadway, so people were sitting in the street in lawn chairs throughout the evening. We visited a discount ticket booth and purchased tickets to Mama Mia at half price for great seats. So glad we got to experience a show on Broadway! Unforgettable!
This is the Javitz Center where Book Expo America was held.

Having never visited New York City before, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was. We encountered no unfriendly people, were surprised by the lack of sirens and honking and we marveled at the infinite variety of people as we heard so many languages spoken, passed through Chinatown and Haasidic Jewish communities, and marveled at the largely invisible, but so important, planning that keeps a city of that size running smoothly.

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Book Expo America – and now the rest of the story

I realize that I kind of left you hanging last week. I really did come home from New York City, but I want to tell you the rest of the tale. This photo was taken inside the giant venue that was Book Expo America. The next photo will give you an idea of the size. We walked miles through the exhibits. What follows is a brief recap.
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Book Review – Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

Labor Day”>Labor Day by”>Joyce Maynard″>

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
There are still tears in my eyes. This wistful and wonderful book about making mistakes, trusting, forgiving and loving told from the perspective of a 13 year old boy was one I’ll be thinking about for a long time. I read the advance reading copy – it won’t publish until later this summer.”>View all my reviews.

Just a note. If you hear about books and find yourself jotting down the titles and authors on a table napkin, a post-it, an old envelope, a notebook or writing it on your palm (and I don’t mean pilot), consider joining Good Reads, a website that allows you to easily keep track of books you’d like to read as well as books you’ve already read. It also will give you reviews of books you are considering and enables you to write and share your own. The website is and it is a free site. I finally have all my book ephemera in one place and I’m so pleased!

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