Reading is Ducky!

New York is over and I am back where I belong. On the pond. It is, however, not as dull as you would think. I’ve hit the ground running at work, so when I come home I’m always hoping to get my word fix – trying to get my ducks in a row so I can read. Summer is good for that. The deck is sunny in the morning – a good place to sip my coffee and read something devotional. Then in the evening, after a simple meal on the BBQ, I like to sit a spell, do a crossword or two, read the paper, a chapter of something. Right now, I’m eager to begin The Jesus Way, by Eugene Peterson. On June 19th, I head to San Antonio to the Renovare Jesus Way Conference where I look forward to hearing Eugene speak as well as John Ortberg, Dallas Willard and Richard Foster. I’ll be volunteering there, helping with taping sessions. and whatever else they need help with – a kind of Girl Friday, I guess, but I’ll also get to attend the sessions. I’ll also get to meet up with a very good friend from California who is also attending. Happy clapping!

Even here, on the peaceful pond, tt’s hard to read with so much activity going on around me. Kingfishers are swooping down to feast on little fish. The hummingbird is relentlessly sucking down the nectar in the feeders and my favorite new visitors are some big barn owls that spend the evenings squawking a very grating call as they glide from tree to tree. They are truly awesome and I spent a long time outside last night at dusk with the binoculars, getting bitten by bugs, but mesmerized by their behavior. I could see their concave faces turned toward me and their eyes reflecting the last rays of sunset. I did not take this photo – I found it on Google Images, but I hope someday to get close enough to get a clear picture. Tomorrow I hope to find some pellets and see if I have the intestinal fortitude to examine their contents for little micey feet and ribs.
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  1. Ohhh, reading your blog has awakened my desire to read GOOD books. I read the Potato Peel Bookclub while on vacation in March. It is like your blog; makes me want to run down to Inklings and find just that one book that is calling out to me.

    I think that is how I will treat myself this Saturday. Walk down the hill, get something delicious to drink, and spend luscious time among my friends, the books.

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