But, maybe you need a Meerkat

Every time I board a flight, I look in the seatback pocket in front of me. SkyMall magazine is always there. Through the years I’ve been amazed by the things advertised in there. It is kind of a high-priced Miles Kimball catalog full of amazing things – things you never knew you needed. Ok, mostly things you don’t need, but once in awhile a gem will appear, like this one.
My order today will be for a product that states proudly – “This ironing board doesn’t use an inch of floor space! It’s a quilted pad that turns your dryer into an ironing board surface, complete with magnets to keep it in place while you iron”. Now, granted, I won’t be able to press sleeves very well, or delicate nips and tucks, but for most things – the t-shirt that just needs a lick and a promise, or that one pant leg that has a wrinkle in the front – I’ll use it nearly everyday!

Now, I leafed through over a hundred pages to find that one little wonder. Most of the other items in the catalog were either way out of my league financially, or are just plain not my cup of tea. For instance. I’m not in the market for a foam chair in which to float in my (?) pool with two, count them, two drink-holders. Besides, it says it supports an average adult and I consider myself way above average. Nor do I need a lawn sculpture of three Meerkats who appear to be waiting for the Publisher’s Clearinghouse van. Hmm, that makes me wonder who will replace dear Ed McMahan?
I also do not covet the Brighfeet Lighted Slippers or the Hand-dipped in 24K gold roses, but maybe you do.

I’ve provided the link to the online SkyMall above. Maybe you haven’t been on a plane in awhile. Now, through the miracle of the internet, you can shop the SkyMall from the comfort of your Lazy Boy. You might need a Spy Pen. How cool would that be?

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