Where were you for the Yakima deluge of ’09?

Well, evidentally if you were near the airport or even at 27th Avenue, you didn’t even feel a drop, but here at Inklings it was a different story indeed. We had about 10 minutes of hard rain. The kind of rain that summer storms can sometimes bring – warm temperatures, sultry air that grows darker and darker until gallons of water came down. And then the drains were full and as the rains came down, the floods came up! Bark from neighboring businesses, leaves and miscellaneous debris came rushing down, down, down toward our front door. The picture shows Rachel with one of the tools of our trade, a bookshelf, diverting the liquid from our door. Our front carpets got a little wet. Our feet got a lotta wet. The adrenalin rush gave new energy to the afternoon and left us shaking our heads at the tropical storm in the Central Washington desert. Whew!

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