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Well, only the top half of this image copied, but it is quite fitting for this review. Pieces of April. A 2003 B-type movie, this is a story about all the ways that April is pulled – almost into pieces. I started this movie and within 10 minutes I was thinking I might not finish watching it. The language is raw and the scenes are harsh, but the story just kept pulling me in. April is living in a rough neighborhood in New York City with her boyfriend, Bobby. She is estranged from her family, always having been very different from them. Now, her mother is dying of cancer and they are coming to April’s for Thanksgiving. Her brother, a budding photographer, seems very tender. Her little sister, though likeable, is irritatingly sweet. Her Dad is already grieving, not only the imminent loss of his wife, but the loss of the relationship with April. April’s mom is a somewhat cynical, determined woman who is starting to see things a little more clearly through the lens of her illness. And Grandma is coming too – in an Alzheimer fog, but surprisingly brilliant.

Bobby is helping April do something she has never done before – be a cook and hostess and offer love when she doesn’t feel like it. Before the day is over – you might call it the Day of the Traveling Turkey – April needs to seek and accept the help of many different kinds of people. This is a beautiful movie. I was not expecting to even write a favorable review in the beginning. A click on the blog title should take you to a webpage about the movie. Please believe me when I say this is well worth watching.

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  1. I got Hidalgo at a garage sale and watched it again after seeing it in the theatre several years ago. It is still a good movie and knowing how it ends allowed me to think about the actions of the main character and what motivated them. It was a true story about a horseman in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s who road in long distance horse races on a Mustang he caught one year. He eventually ended up in a race of over a 1000 miles across the Middle East. Very enjoyable. J. Spencer

  2. We just enjoyed watching Pieces of April. Thanks for telling us about it!

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