Life is an Adventure!

Life is an adventure. There was a time in my life when abrupt change wasn’t welcomed with joy. Even if the change afoot was potentially a good one. But I guess with age comes some flexibility, some ability to consider the possibilities and embrace serendipity. I’m writing this blog from a hotel room in Everett on the teeny keyboard of my iPhone. I’m watching the morning news, sipping some coffee and enjoying my husband’s company. We headed west yesterday afternoon to scout out some new gift lines for the store and do some other business-related errands. On the way we stopped at Bellevue to have our car serviced, continuing through our day with a rental car. When my husband came to pick me up at the gift center, he said, “Well. I have bad news and i have good news?”. After I made some lame guesses, he told me they found a problem with our car’s steering and a part would be overnighted and installed then.

In the old days, I would have fretted. Who would feed the cat? I don’t have extra clothes, toothbrush, makeup, curling iron or anything else that I daily count as essential. But this morning I am happily dressed and relatively undisheveled. A 24- hour big box store saved the day and I’ve already packed my lightweight, recyclable, handled bag with the monogramed and fashionable “Fred Meyer” on the side. Life is good. Surprises are fun.

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  1. Enjoy the adventure and the pretty side of the mountains! 🙂

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