The Light is coming

We’ve made it to that darkest day. That day that focuses most of its power and light on another hemisphere. Twice in my life I’ve experienced November in that hemisphere. Very odd. I’m glad to live where I do because the dark days during Advent help me anticipate the Light. And after the Light comes, the brightness grows.

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  1. I am still getting used to how much darker it is in the Pacific Northwest in the winter than it does in Arizona. The combination of AZ being much further south and the fact that it doesn’t observe DST (and thereby automatically loosing an hour of light overnight) doesn’t make for as much dark. Don’t get me wrong, the change in the length of days is definitely noticiable, just not as dramatic up here. I remember when I was flight instructing I regularly flew at 6AM and in the winter it was dark and in the summer it was light. However, it was NOT dark at 4pm, unlike my current place of residence. Sigh. God bless the winter solstice and the coming of light!

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