Something I Otter Remember

We’ve been visited several mornings this week by three river otters. Otters are my favorite animals. They just exude playfulness and joy. These three also left a bit of carp carnage behind, but at least it was carp innards and not trout or bass that bloodied the ice. Like watching Charlie Chaplin totter along with his cane into endless madcap mishaps, these guys just make me smile. They swim like swim-capped divas from another era, with synchronized dives and turns. They play on the bank in the frozen reeds, rolling about with glee. They walk clumsily on the thin ice, occasionally breaking through and dropping from site only to emerge seconds later with their whiskered smiles.
Otters make me LOL! The day is going to be good when it starts with an otter circus right outside my window with me by the toasty fire and they, seemingly unaware of the frigid temps, only a few yards away.
Last week I heard a pastor talk about this Christmas season of great joy. He talked about the joy that is a repeating theme of the Christmas story in Luke’s gospel and talked about how we Christians, of all people, should be those who are characterized by great joy and an ability to celebrate life. He is right. What good news we’ve heard! Joy to the world. The Lord is come. Is come. Not has come. Immanuel, God WITH us.

And now the otters. Little reminders of joyful things I otter remember. Smile, rejoice, celebrate, rejoice, worship, rejoice, play, laugh and love – rinse and repeat. My wish for you this season and into 2010 is that your whole year be merry and bright. Repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy, repeat, repeat, the sounding joy!
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  1. I wish I could have seen more than just the half eaten fish body!

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