I Don’t Make Resolutions

I always say I don’t believe in resolutions, don’t really make them. But I lie. I just can’t help making them! I am compelled. In January I always regroup. I do a mini-regroup in September, kind of a leftover habit from so many years in school. I usually resolve to write in my journal more, write more letters, take more pictures. watch more sunsets, organize my home and business, read more, play more, laugh more and exercise every day, a resolution that you’ll be happy to know I’ve kept in 2010.

I went to our local office and art supply store today. I wandered the aisles for an hour, admiring organizational tools like boxes and notebooks, planners and pens. To inspire me to keep neater records and make me excited to write in my journal I bought some new microtip gel pens. They are also very good for crossword puzzles, though I’m resolved to do a few less of those this year!

January makes me think of many RE words. Words like Resolve and Repent. But those words seem to conflict with other RE words like Relax. I guess I’m looking for some semblance of balance in all these possibilities. Some are active – some are passive. I need both.

Realign, Retreat, Reconsider, Receive, Recharge, Recline, Recollect, Remember, Recover, Recreate,
Rebel – oops, leave that off.

Reconcile, Recycle Reclaim, Reduce,
Reflect, Refine, Reform

Refrigerator – really, I’m going to clean it

Rekindle, Relationship, Reconcile, Release
Repair, Repay, Respond, Respect, Rest, Restore, Revel, Revere, Review, Revitalize

Revolt when necessary


Aren’t you just REady for something new this decade? The kind of “something new” that honors the past, but looks forward to the future? Let’s get going!

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  1. I love your thoughts and your word list. It feels a little overwhelming to me, though…probably because I need to recharge and recover, revitalize, relax and restore. Maybe those will be my Sunday words today.

    Love you!

  2. Did you say less crossword puzzles? You might want to REconsider!!!

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