Movie Review Where God Left His Shoes

Watching this movie, a Sundance winner, during the holidays was kind of a downer, but I’m aware life isn’t all twinkling lights and flannel sheets for everyone. This move reminded me of Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. The movies are similar in their theme of a down-on-their-luck family, but to be fair to each film, the comparisons should probably stop there. The actors in both did an excellent job and the luminous eyes of the nine-year-old boy in this film could out-star even Will Smith.

What I liked about Where God Left His Shoes is the way it serves up flawed people and shows the exponential way that bad things can happen very quickly, both through our own choices and what life throws our way. Not everything is wrapped up neatly in the end, but the viewer is left with a lot of things to consider, not the least of which is how we can help people just like the family in the film.

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