We are active people

We went for a hike today in Cowiche Canyon. It was early in the season, but an article in the Yakima Herald yesterday promised a few little early wildflowers. Well, they were right. There were very few, but there was still some great color from last fall. Fluffy red dried weedtops, some neon green moss, a bit of leftover lichen and a roaring creek full of winter water. I didn’t want to turn around until I saw some NEW wildflowers and we were finally rewarded with some tiny yellow and even tinier white flowers and a fleeting glimpse of one purple gem high on the hillside.

It is the season when my appreciation for nature bursts forth. I saw my first forsythia today, a sure sign that winter is over. As I drive the back way to work this week, a windey, hilly two-lane, the grass will get greener like a dimmer switch being turned on while more forsythia burst out on both sides of the road. I prefer the wild an free graceful stems of forsythia to the trimmed and bobbed variety, but after a very overcast winter, I’ll take color in any form.

As we walked along today with no coats, the sun warm on our heads, I could feel the Vitamin D soaking into my pallid skin. How I’ve needed this dose of the outdoors! I read this week, that it helps your motivation to get outside and move if you tell yourself you are an active person. That would be instead of just telling yourself you must exercise and then feeling badly when you don’t. You are telling yourself that you are an Active Person. Try it with me: Altogether now. “I am an Active Person”. “I am an Active Person”! Active persons put on their sneakers more often, they keep a hat, a water bottle and binoculars at the ready. They walk awhile during their lunch break and they don’t curse the cars that have filled the parking places closest to the stores. Active people put a bit of sunscreen on each day so they can go outside without excuse. Active people climb stairs, play catch, throw a frisbee and feel better, weigh less and live longer. Active persons get OUT THERE where they see the wee yellow flowers strewn among the stones. I am an active person.

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