Fasting: Is there an app for that?

My 48-hour media fast begins at 5pm today. I’m a bit nervous and wondering if there is a fast way to do this fast. I spend hours per week communicating by way of my iphone and computer, on facebook, Twitter, email, and blog. I suck in information like a thirsty sponge in any form I can get it – radio, newspaper, magazines, internet and TV news. But, I was challenged this week, by an author, to just lay it all down for a few hours. I’m involved in a study with some women called The Good and Beautiful Life by James Bryan Smith. This weeks assignment in soul training is to lay aside some things in order to kind of reboot our lives and attempt to “free your mind from the junk; give some space to the Holy Spirit to renew your thinking”.

Now, I’m certainly not implying that all the above mentioned things are junk, but certainly some of them parade junk past our eyes as we seek out the gems of social networking and information gathering. The junk for me may be that insatiable craving for more; more information, more connection, more stuff. Often in the gathering of those valuable things, I also scoop up worry, despair, greed and discontent.

So, I’ll be taking HAND-WRITTEN notes of how it goes and report back to you next week. I’m starting to think about what I’ll do with my extra time. Yes, read. I’d like to finish the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. I’m going to sweep and free the outside sidewalks of their grimy winter coats. I’m going to survey my perenniels, take a walk and let the birds be my ipod. I’m going to go to church and see folks face to face and then play the doting grandma role at Carrie’s baby shower.

Hopefully, when I come back online, I’ll be a little more aware, a lot more grateful and little more selective about what takes up a lot of my energy. Things I will miss the most? Knowing what my friends are up to on facebook, listening to Prairie Home Companion on NPR, reading the newspaper and a favorite little iphone game, Doodlejump (warning: highly addictive), but I’ll give those up for a few hours to gain some rest and perspective.

I’ve spent a good part of the week promoting a new program at the store that is pretty dependent upon internet, email and social media, so I’m feeling a bit schizophrenic about all this and the irony of writing a BLOG about, it for Pete’s sake, but it is a personal issue for me, really about balance – the kind I want for all of us. I’d be interested in hearing if any one else out there has done a non-traditional fast like this and for what reason?

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