What is it, you ask?

haven't seen this for awhile

It’s my desktop!  My non-electronic desktop.

I guess I’ve been busy. My home study had been reduced to about 4 square feet of uncovered floor and my desk, well, let’s just say I’ve forgotten how pretty the top of it is. For weeks, perhaps months, I’ve been carting stuff from the kitchen counter, car, living room and mailbox around the corner to the study. The piles grew, teetering with late bills, many books, appointment reminders and the other ephemera of life. Feeling claustrophobic this morning, I launched a full assault. I’m happy to report that I am now heading to bed with a book and my office is once again spacious and inviting. I wish I could keep it this way.   Sigh.

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  1. i learned two things from you (hopefully the first is not offensive)

    1. sometimes a neatly stacked pile is just as good as a deep clean


    2. eventually nothing can substitute for the joy of a deep clean coupled with a sort n’ toss!

    glad you have you office back. its my favorite room at your house!

  2. Ah, yes, Libby, you know me well. Glad there was something useful in my frantic stacking before company came. 🙂 Looking forward to helping you get organized, too. Or at least make organized piles of neatness. May your baby boy inherit the stacking gene. We can start with blocks…

  3. I, too, am a fan of the library!

  4. Loved reading this post! Sounds quite familiar! The thing that often saves me is MOVING! I’m not recommending that as a solution, however…it’s harder to find stuff AFTER you move than when it’s stacked up on a desk! 😦

    It satisfying to finally see the (non-electronic) desktop! I usually celebrate with a cup of coffee or a piece of dark chocolate…together with a good ‘read’ or a favorite show! 🙂

    Fun to read your blog!

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