Thanksgiving vs The Elements

Thanksgiving.  My thankfulness is wrestling with my frustration as I write these words.  I am thankful for all we have been given, but my wrestling is with the elements.  Slippery roads and unsure travel arrangements can overwhelm me at times.  I was raised near the summit of Snoqualmie Pass, for pete’s sake, but I still get some anxiety when I think about my friends and family traveling.  As of this writing, my son has safely arrived, one daughter, son-in-law and 6 month old baby girl are stuck on I-84 near the Dalles while an accident is cleared.  Another car full will travel our way tomorrow, but only a few miles.  We will have our big meal together a day early in order to accommodate work schedules.

The weather already thwarted our attempt to go to Seattle last Sunday to see my brother who is very ill.  We will try it again later in the week.  My co-worker is having to change her travel plans, too.

Maybe it is because we all so long for home, family and friends at this time of year that the disappointments and worries seem to have more of an edge.  The questions I must ask myself are many.  Do I still have much for which to be thankful?  Is God’s arm suddenly shortened when the snow is falling?  Will I live with fear or joy?  Anyone else wrestle with these issues?

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Ok, folks, I’m going in.

Looks harmless, doesn’t it?  Well, don’t let it fool you.  This little catalog is a powerhouse in disguise.  So, I’m going in.  Into the bookstore.

Good sensible shoes, fortified with granola and yogurt, water bottle and a good night’s sleep.  I’m up for this.  I’ve done it before.  I’m ready for the concussion caused by 40,000 of these powerful little glossies hitting our daily paper today.  The shock waves will continue throughout the season.  Booklovers, coupon clippers, marching in by ones and twos to get the DEALS.  Holding marked-up and dog-eared catalogs, they, too are ready for serious business – good sensible shoes, fortifed with a good breakfast, water bottle and a good night’s sleep.  Serious, thoughtful shoppers.  My comrades.

I will be strong for them, provide refreshment, direction, books and red wrapping.  I am a bookseller.

Follow me.

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Our neighbor’s tree is on fire

Glowing as brightly as any roaring fireplace, this tree draws me every morning and evening with its vivid red flame,

beckoning me to get closer.  Wow.One morning soon, after the frost puts out the fire, there will only be ashes on the ground,  so I’ll lean in close again

tomorrow and the next day, toasting my soul’s marshmallows.

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Today it is still Fall.


November is at the door.  October is sneaking out, leaving behind tracks of trick or treat candy that will taunt me in the days to come.  Not even one little costumed person at the door this year.  I do, however, have pictures of my two granddaughters.  One a redheaded sidekick of Scooby Doo and the other a good natured little sheep who went along with dressing up without having much input in the matter.  Both girls are adorable!


Scooby Doobie Sophie

First Halloween for Merit Claire

The house is looking like autumn.  The fire is burning.  The begonias have been brought in from the cold night air that keeps flirting with freezing.  We went to the last Farmer’s Market of the season after church and got some tender, sweet baby carrots with the tops on.  We also  went for a walk today and picked up some stunning leaves that I keep turning over and admiring.  The books are stacked near every chair for what some are saying will be a cold and snowy winter.  We had fresh Pink Lady apples and caramel dip FOR SUPPER!  Ha!  And we are having popcorn for dessert!  

No more sandals.  No more bare arms.  No more hummingbirds and goldfinches.  But in their places have come brilliant colors that leap through the windows at me.  Autumn oranges and yellows will turn to monochromatic hues soon enough.  Today it is still fall.

colors that fill my soul

last flowers from the garden

one of my favorite people

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