Thanksgiving vs The Elements

Thanksgiving.  My thankfulness is wrestling with my frustration as I write these words.  I am thankful for all we have been given, but my wrestling is with the elements.  Slippery roads and unsure travel arrangements can overwhelm me at times.  I was raised near the summit of Snoqualmie Pass, for pete’s sake, but I still get some anxiety when I think about my friends and family traveling.  As of this writing, my son has safely arrived, one daughter, son-in-law and 6 month old baby girl are stuck on I-84 near the Dalles while an accident is cleared.  Another car full will travel our way tomorrow, but only a few miles.  We will have our big meal together a day early in order to accommodate work schedules.

The weather already thwarted our attempt to go to Seattle last Sunday to see my brother who is very ill.  We will try it again later in the week.  My co-worker is having to change her travel plans, too.

Maybe it is because we all so long for home, family and friends at this time of year that the disappointments and worries seem to have more of an edge.  The questions I must ask myself are many.  Do I still have much for which to be thankful?  Is God’s arm suddenly shortened when the snow is falling?  Will I live with fear or joy?  Anyone else wrestle with these issues?

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  1. We flew from Chicago to Oakland via a quick stop in Salt Lake City. As we were deplaning, an announcement rang with the news that the flight going back to Salt Lake City was canceled due to bad weather. We made it out just in time which was wonderful, but I feel sad for the people who heard, “There will be no more flights to Salt Lake City today and for tomorrow’s full flights it will be first come first served. Please let me know if you still want to go to Salt Lake City.” Such a sad bummer–especially for those mommies and daddies with small children who had lugged mountains of luggage and all the equipment children need to survive and were coping with squirmy little ones. Sad for those waiting to greet them, too….

    I hope you see the lights of arriving family soon! And may you see their tail lights driving away only after you are fully satisfied with many games played, books read, laughs shared, platter licked clean, and pies devoured with yummy whip cream and favorite coffees!

  2. HI Sue,
    Yes, I have every day struggles with the Elements. Things which I have no control over and yet I try too.
    I struggle with my health off and on…but yet I am blessed to be alive:)
    I struggle with missing my sweet mom who live in Ohio.
    I also struggle with having tried to have a relationship with my dad and ending up stopping.
    I struggle with worry about many things in life, but I have learned to put my faith in God and perserverae and keeping trusting God no matter what elements I happen to be struggling with…
    P.S My your struggles with the elements ease with the help of our Lord Jesus, Amen

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