Why all the Pinterest Interest?


Sunday.  At work.  Learning about how to use a Pinterest page for the store.  I’m so excited about what Renee has wrought thus far!  The viral sharing of ideas and loves on Pinterest is going gangbusters and I love seeing the amazing creativity that people show.


I hope you will consider finding us, not only on Facebook, but on Pinterest!  All things to do with Inklings and the reading life.  Rad!

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A scattered Saturday.  A little laundry, a little frisbee tossing for Tilly, a little reading, a little book buying.  Lots of coffee, some tea and Pandora playing Rosie Thomas.  The house is quiet.  After spending 5 weeks in the rental car and a then two weeks trying to re-enter my regular bookselling life, complete with shared office and ringing telephones, this day was a gift. 

Grieving the loss of a pastor friend this week.  I’m thinking back to last Saturday when we sang Amazing Grace to him.  When I reached out to touch his arm when we left, I had the feeling he was going to be in heaven soon.  And he is.  There is grief, but also so many joyous memories mixed in. I think he wrote an amazing chapter for us about how to die. Next Saturday we’ll celebrate his life together and I’m thinking the church will be full.

I have a book review and an article to write, a presentation to prepare for and always more to do than I can squeeze into 24 hours.  But now I’m heading for my old green plaid robe and my nighttime routine.  Saturday night.

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